Lettering Artist

Every project I touch starts with pencil and paper. I should be sponsored by the Sharpie™ corporation, because I use a lot of those, too. I love creating projects for clients that give me the opportunity to letter something by hand, whether for print, web, logotypes, merchandise, animated title sequences, or on the side of a building. A friend once called me a "slogan artist," and I think that's pretty accurate. 

At left: Some hand-drawn "slogan art" I designed for merchandise I was making. You can buy a tote bag with this slogan here.


PRINT Designer

In the last few years I have been hosting more events, from fundraisers to punk shows. Secretly, my favorite part of the event planning process is the flyer design. I love drawing inspiration from vintage print media and old advertisements. Using a combination of hand-drawn lettering and careful typography referent of the manual graphic design of a world before computers, I love to create informational graphics that are fun to look at.

At left: A screen printed poster I designed and printed for a Valentine's Eve show featuring Honus Honus, Kali Kazoo, and Slut Island I hosted at the Hi Hat in Highland Park, Los Angeles. 


ANIMATor + GIF artist

I was raised on cartoons that were made pre-Adobe Flash, and I still love hand-drawn animation. I love analog art materials and I've always been a sucker for a hand-animated title card. I made my first gif when I was a teenager, to use as my DeadJournal™ avatar (R.I.P.). For the last few years I've been working in the animation industry, as a title designer, color stylist, and gif-maker.

Clients include: Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network, Giphy.

At left: A gif I made for a Giphy sticker pack, available in the App Store.



Utilizing the same tools and steady hands of signpainters 100 years ago, I love to embellish surfaces of all kinds. I've been commissioned to hand-paint all kinds of cool things - everything from leather jackets, denim jeans, vases, vinyl dresses, moto helmets, rosary beads, photo backdrops, canvas banners, mirrors and prayer candles to Trader Joe's signs. 

At left: A vintage leather jacket I painted for the What Would Olivia Benson Do? art exhibit at Welcome to Junior High in Hollywood.



I love to paint large-scale. I've been able to paint some huge spaces for awesome clients like my pals Big Bud Press, Tanline Printing, and the City of Tucson

At left: A 100+ ft rainbow motif I hand-painted for Big Bud Press at their HQ in Cypress Park, Los Angeles.


CURATor + 

I'm a big fan of gallery work. I enjoy making art accessible by connecting artists I love to wider audiences through gallery exhibitions and other cultural events. I've collaborated with Lethal Amounts Gallery, VANS, Edward ColverEat More Art Out, the Ace Hotel DTLA, Spaceland Presents, and countless artists to curate and produce events that support the arts. 

At left: A flyer I designed for the Nick Cave Smoking event I co-curated for Lethal Amounts Gallery with Andi Harriman.

Photo courtesy Kennet Havgaard.



For the last few years I have been designing and sourcing a variety of products based on my artwork. Initially I was producing everything independently for my own shop, then expanded to collaborate with others, and eventually opened a company called the Temple of Merch to help supply merchandise to others artists, bands, and indie brands.

At left: A custom pin I designed and produced for Cartoon Network Studios to give to all of their employees. 


community member

I'm passionate about a variety of socio-political causes and I love to help positive organizations by producing fundraisers! I've created events to raise funds for Planned Parenthood, The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Direct Relief, and others.

At left: The flyer for a pop-up fundraiser I organized and produced for Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles